Mike Mayock thinks Reuben Foster is still a top-10 NFL draft pick after failed drug test

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Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster revealed Thursday that he failed a drug test at the NFL Combine, but NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said Friday that he doesn’t believe it will do much to Foster’s draft stock.

Foster blamed food poisoning for forcing him to hydrate to the point that his urine sample was reported as diluted at the NFL Combine. The league treats that as a failed test, and Foster was later sent home from the event after a heated argument with a hospital worker.
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After Mixon was drafted, Adam Schefter gave us an idea of just how many teams said they would not take him.

One AFC executive told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn, I don’t have the confidence in him to draft him. We can get another back. He added, You may turn down a special guy but the special guy’s got risks. I couldn’t do it.

Another executive told McGinn, How can you in our (large) market? How could you in any market take that guy early or in general? Off the board, an AFC executive said to McGinn. Me, personally, I’d have a very hard time living with that.

Of course, there were four teams who said that they would. An NFC executive that spoke to McGinn said, What he did was terrible. It was three years ago. He got suspended for a year. It’s not like he hasn’t paid a price. Since he did, he’s been fine. It will come down to the owner. I think a lot of owners will be very skeptical doing it. If I was in the 20s I’d take him.