NBA Finals 2017: LeBron James ‘stopped caring a long time ago’ about critics

LeBron James has learned a thing or two about concentration after seven consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

When asked how his team would recover from a sluggish start to this year’s championship series, a 113-91 loss to the Warriors in Game 1, the Cavs star emphasized one of his secrets to his success is ignoring critics and keeping his focus on the court.
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Myers added, We’ve got a little bit of a runway here to see if things change and when he feels better, we’ll make that determination, but right now, it’s unfortunately status quo. Meaning, he’s doing what he can, but we’re not able to say, I’m not able to say, and most importantly, he’s not able to say he’s able to coach yet and we’re trying and he’s trying.

Kerr, who is dealing with complications from two back surgeries he had in 2015, has not coached the Warriors since April 19, in their Game 2 win over Portland in the first-round. On May 5, he underwent a procedure to repair a spinal fluid leak, notes.

Pharoh Cooper Limited Jersey Since returning to practice May 13, though, Kerr has been involved in the Warriors’ playoff run 鈥?he traveled with the team to San Antonio during the West finals, he sits in during film sessions and coach meetings, and he has been speaking with the team before games and at halftime.

As for Kerr’s return to the bench, Myers said, At this point there’s not really an update. … I know people are writing and saying certain things and that’s probably because he’s been more visible, he’s around. But there won’t be an announcement that he’s coaching Game 1 or anything like that and as to (when it gets closer) if something changes, we’ve always said that we’ll speak on that.

49ers GM Trent Baalke fired; coach Chip Kelly learns same fate

Chip Kelly met with 49ers ownership following Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks and learned his fate. It was the same as that of general manager Trent Baalke, who was told he was relieved of his duties in San Francisco hours earlier.

Baalke confirmed the news to San Francisco radio station KNBR on Sunday.

It was the right thing to do. This is a class organization, Baalke, who had been with the 49ers for 12 years, told the radio station.

Roethlisberger should also be wary of the Kansas City weather. He’s been terrific in the cold over his career, but this week, Bell sets up as a more reliable element in those conditions.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, sit as a very vulnerable run defense. They’re not as bad as Miami, but they still allowed 4.4 yards per carry in the regular season. They’ve lost a key player who could help contain Bell as a runner and receiver in inside linebacker Derrick Johnson.

Including his performance against the Dolphins, Roethlisberger has been a much different, much better QB in his seven home games this season. He rated 115.3 and completed 70.9 percent of his passes. He averaged 302 yards per game and 8.7 yards per attempt. His 22 TDs well offset his 7 INTs.

Early in the season, Big Ben’s big road struggles were tied to not having Le’Veon Bell rolling in the running game like has been the past seven games. Roethlisberger was caught often in a one-dimensional attack in trail mode, bound to lead to more inefficient play for even the best QBs. In other games, however, it was tied to forcing big passes that weren’t there and some bad decision-making.

Prosecutor in Adam Jones case wants to know NFL’s punishment before acting

Matthew Slater Mens Jersey The prosecutor in court proceedings against Adam Pacman Jones for recent incidents in Cincinnati said he’s waiting to see what if anything the NFL does before proceeding with the case.

The Bengals cornerback faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct, obstructing official business and harassment with a bodily substance for his alleged actions early Jan. 3 at first a downtown hotel and later at the Hamilton County Jail. The harassment with a bodily substance charge Jones allegedly spit on a nurse is a felony charge that could lead to a one-year prison sentence if he is convicted.

Jones’ attorneys last week waived his right to a speedy trial, and the judge ruled proceedings would continue Feb. 10. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters told he wants to know how the NFL will handle the case.

Nick Castellanos Mens Jersey Lynch and Shanahan, as York mentioned, both have ties to the Broncos. The former as a player and the latter as the son of a Super Bowl-winning coach. That may have sparked this pairing late last week.

Here’s how it went down over a long weekend (via and the San Jose Mercury News): After he reached out to Shanahan last week to express his interest, Lynch spent Thursday night with York in the Bay Area, then he flew to Atlanta and met with Shanahan. The Niners also had Shanahan meet with GM finalists George Paton of the Vikings and Terry McDonough of the Cardinals on Saturday.

York came away thinking Lynch fit best, and Shanahan did too.

‘Neither of those guys are afraid of failure, and I’m not either,’ York told MMQB’s King.

Lynch is expected to be introduced Monday at a news conference. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Lynch was given an unprecedented six-year contract, as will Shanahan when his deal becomes official after the Super Bowl.

Marshawn Lynch, Skittles and Scotland what’s not to love

Move over Loch Ness Monster there’s a new Beast Mode invading your territory.

We’ve found out why Marshawn Lynch, mythical and legendary as ever, was in Scotland popping dangerous wheelies on a bike a couple weeks ago.

The retired Seahawks running back was there to spread his Skittles love with a Scottish Lowlands village called Houston and ask them what they felt about Super Bowl 51 being played there next Sunday.

The only problem is, you know, the game is in Houston, Texas, United States, and not Houston, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom.

Game Mens Jonathan Bernier Jersey Cue the funny disbelief and whatever the villagers said, too.

A few history lessons and a few expletives later, Lynch no doubt left Scotland a changed man. The media, meanwhile, is still expecting him to not talk to them at the Super Bowl.

That’s when Moseley came in. Jamie who became acquainted with Moseley earlier in his broadcast career asked him to come on and help coach the Generals’ special teams. Moseley himself admitted the idea hurt his ego at the time. After all, he was a 16-year NFL veteran, a former All-Pro kicker and NFL MVP.

‘But as I started thinking about it, I said, ‘I can’t be selfish,’ Moseley told SN. To me, it was something that touched my heart.’

Game Mens Demarcus Lawrence Jersey Moseley’s 16-year career, which ended with the Browns in 1986, had not ended the way he wanted. He was released from the Redskins that same season, and no longer felt joy from the game when he retired. But he felt he was still good enough to have finished his career on a higher note; it wasn’t too hard for Jamie to persuade Moseley, then 47, to assume kicking duties for the Generals.

2017 MLB All-Star voting: Bryce Harper continues to lead NL balloting

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper continues to lead all NL All-Star vote-getters in the most recent update of balloting released by MLB on Monday.

Paul Martin Elite Jersey Harper, batting .320/.428/.616 with 15 homers and 46 RBIs, became the first NL player to push past 2 million votes, having drawn 2,132,795, according to the update. Nats second baseman Daniel Murphy has the second-most votes at this point at 1,745,231, and Washington teammate Ryan Zimmerman, the NL’s top hitter at .365, leads first basemen with 1,060,532 votes.

Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward, third among outfield vote-getters, has the slimmest lead among players currently holding starting spots, some 58,000 votes ahead of teammate Ben Zobrist.

Mo Alexander Elite Jersey It’s really important. It’s realizing that, when these African-American middle schoolers, they look on TV and they look at the NBA and it’s all African-American guys, they watch football and you’ve got a lot of African-American guys playing. But they flip to a baseball game and they don’t see that many guys who look like them, he says. They don’t see that as being an option for them, just based on the fact that there aren’t a lot of guys on the field who are African-American. And it’s unfortunate that that’s the mindset. And the parents of those kids, I’m sure they see the same thing. They see that baseball is an expensive sport, and there’s not a lot of African-Americans playing, so they don’t want to jump into that. That doesn’t feel safe to them.

That’s what I’ve gotten out of this. It’s, OK, how do we come up with a solution to open this thing back up and say, 鈥楲ook, you guys can come get this sport. This is for you’? Baseball is looking for athletes.

Super Bowl 51 is a homecoming for trio of players

As special as the Super Bowl is to most players, it means even more when you can play for an NFL title in your hometown.

That is the case for a trio of players this year as New England’s Eric Rowe and Martellus Bennett and Atlanta’s Jake Matthews get to play in Super Bowl 51 just a few miles from where they grew up.

Fitzgerald makes a good point, especially after the Cardinals played in the 2012 Hall of Fame Game without a single Hall of Famer in that year’s class. The Cardinals do have former quarterback Kurt Warner in this year’s class, but the foundation for Warner’s Hall of Fame resume is winning a Super Bowl championship with the St. Louis Rams.

With the Rams in Los Angeles and former Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson headlining the class, the NFL clearly went with the safe choice by choosing the Cardinals to represent Warner while choosing the Cowboys to honor team owner Jerry Jones, who is also among this year’s enshrinees.

The Cowboys have appeared in the Hall of Fame Game a record six times while the Cardinals are making their fifth appearance. The Chargers have only been in the Hall of Fame Game twice, and not since 1994. The Rams were scheduled to play the Bears in 2011 when Marshall Faulk was enshrined, but that game was canceled because of the NFL lockout. The last time the Rams played in Canton was in 2001 when former L.A. Rams Jackie Slater and Jack Youngblood were enshrined.

The NFL chose not to embrace its return to L.A. by choosing the Chargers and Rams, clearly not wanting upset fans from San Diego and St. Louis storming into Canton. So, instead of upsetting fans, the league will upset players such as Fitzgerald by putting them into a game they don’t want to play.


MVP Matt Ryan was the biggest winner in “Madden” ratings throughout the season.

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The best (and really only) way to get Brady uncomfortable is to get in his face without blitzing. Few defenses are capable of doing that.

Jarrett, coming off a strong second season up front as that “other” Clemson 2015 draftee after Beasley, will be critical to the game plan of getting Brady off the spot and into bad, rushed throws.

New England’s offensive line has rebounded well from last year’s mess in Denver, but Andrews is its most vulnerable blocker. The Falcons have a much better shot at pressuring Brady there than the edge against either tackle, Nate Solder or Marcus Cannon. They need to get to Brady a few times, or it will be a long night of him sitting back and picking them apart.
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MVP Matt Ryan was the biggest winner in “Madden” ratings throughout the season. He began with an 84 Overall rating in “Madden NFL 17,” which ranked him as the 13th best quarterback in the league. By the end of the campaign, he reached 95 Overall, good enough to be considered as the third-best QB in the league. He trails only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

From the list below, it’s the New England Patriots and San Diego (now Los Angeles) Chargers have the most players represented, with six. The Super Bowl-winning team being there is no surprise, but the 5-11 Chargers might be. They got there because of a bunch of young players who stepped into the place of injured veterans and performing admirably.

“The thing you have to do every day is to earn that trust,” Goodell said. “I don鈥檛 expect for one second for people to agree with every decision I make or we make as a league. Those are often difficult, sometimes contentious and sometimes less-than-perfect decisions, but you do them in the interest of the long-term health of the NFL.”

Goodell even praised the ratings of “Thursday Night Football” and said the league would not decrease the number of Thursday games despite long-running complaints from players.

Tom Brady’s pick-six, in frame-by-frame dejection

Before Super Bowl 51, we had rarely seen Tom Brady embarrassed in his playoff career. That changed with one throw and interception return — and something that somewhat resembled a tackle attempt from the GOAT.

Elite Womens Tarell Basham Jersey With the Patriots down 14-0 and trying to rally late in the second half, Brady threw an interception to Robert Alford, who scampered for an 82-yard pick-six.

That not only put the Patriots down in a three-touchdown hole, but it was also the first pick-6 of Brady’s postseason career, a total of 34 games.

Game Jordan Reed Jersey Let’s be clear: This Brady retirement speculation only applies because Patriots beat the Falcons on Sunday. There’s no way the competitive fire that continues to fuel Brady in Year 17 would have allowed him to quit on the heels of another title-game loss. Those two missed opportunities against the Giants still haunt Brady, one of those guys who remembers more about the devastating losses than the career-defining wins.

In pre-draft meetings with our scouts and coaches, I would always emphasize the necessity of focusing on how players performed on the field in games during their college careers as opposed to putting too much stock in Combine and Pro Day performances. Instincts and football savvy don’t always show up in drills.

While it’s nice that a player can run a 4.3 40-yard dash, I would talk about players such as Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Cris Carter, who were 4.5 guys but ran impeccable routes and had great hands. Anthony Carter was a receiver for us with the Vikings who was timed around 4.5, but when he caught a slant in stride, it sure looked like he was running 4.3.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer to miss part of OTAs after eye surgery

Mike Zimmer revealed that he recently underwent his eighth eye surgery and will need some time off.
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The Vikings coach will be absent during part of the team’s upcoming OTAs so he can recover from his latest procedure, the team announced Monday.

Given that no publicity is bad publicity, the more cursed the video game, the more it sells.

The rule became a point of contention last fall when the Patriots were forced to put tight end Rob Gronkowski on injured reserve after he suffered a back injury late in the season. Since the team had already recalled third-string passer Jacoby Brissett from the IR a week prior, the designation ended his season, negating any chance of a return should he exceed expectations and heal quickly enough to play during New England’s final march to a Super Bowl title.

San Francisco, somehow, was even worse. Kaepernick and Gabbert were sacked on 8.74 percent of dropbacks — good for 30th in the league. Like Wilson, Kaepernick is a mobile quarterback who understands when to pull down the ball and charge upfield. While Wilson’s rushing numbers dropped to career lows last season, Kaepernick remains a dangerous weapon who can mitigate a collapsing pocket after gaining nearly seven yards per carry in 2016.

Womens Bryan Anger Jersey After his protests of the national anthem gained international press, Kaepernick may be the league’s most recognizable activist. Bennett, however, is not far behind. The All-Pro defensive lineman has been outspoken on issues ranging from the Israel-Palestine conflict to women’s rights to childhood obesity. He’s never shied from issues he deems important nor backed down from an argument.

NFL is all set to ease up on celebration penalties, but still no twerking

The NFL is going to ease up on celebration penalties … finally. Roger Goodell released a letter that announced group celebrations, going to the ground, using the ball as a prop, etc., will now be allowed.

But they’re not going to completely surrender their reputation as the No Fun League. Anything with a little too much sexiness is still going to be verboten, stuff like twerking, hip thrusting, crotch grabbing, etc. Also banned still is anything involving a player mimicking a weapon (no bow-and-arrow shoots) or “prolonged” celebrations (gotta keep that clock moving). According to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, dunking on the goal post is still a penalty as well.

Gronkowski is also known for his bro personality off the field: He has his own party cruise, he chugged beers “for the fans” at the Patriots’ victory parade, and he loves the number 69.

But on the field, he’s different. Last September, head coach Bill Belichick told MMQB that his tight end “is a versatile athlete, but he’s also a versatile guy mentally.

“He can handle a lot of different assignments. Some guys can’t. Either they mentally can’t do it, or it’s just too much and their game slows down. They don’t play to the same skill set you see athletically because they’re thinking too much. That’s not the case with Rob.”

He already registered 405 catches for 6,095 yards and 69 touchdowns in his career and has proved to be one of the best tight ends in the league. The only question surrounding him is if he can stay healthy.yankees_1262_259d48285ca0447b-180x180