Exploring the fatal flaws of the top five quarterbacks

There’s no clear consensus as to the manner in which the top incoming quarterbacks will be drafted. For now, however, there’s a loose consensus as to the members of the list of the top five.

Tuesday’s PFT Live included an effort by co-host Chris Simms to identify the fatal flaws for each of the top prospects.

September 2016: Technically served a four-game suspension in 2016 for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, even though he was not on a roster. Any interested team knows that he is one positive test away from a yearlong suspension.

December 2016: Reaches agreement to have charges dropped of domestic abuse against his former girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, if he met certain conditions. The NFL did not add discipline under its personal conduct policy.

January 2017: Tells ESPN that he is sober after years of heavy alcohol and drug use. At about this time, according to a later interview with ABC News, Manziel is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He begins treatment.

According to Jonathan Jones of SI.com, the Chargers met with Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson after his pro day workout today.

Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was on hand to watch Jackson throw (but not run), and it’s interesting to consider how they could impact the pace of quarterbacks being drafted next month. The Chargers pick 17th overall.

The only other quarterback on the roster behind Philip Rivers is Cardale Jones, though they did bring Geno Smith in for a workout yesterday.

“I mean, it happens in the trenches every single play,” Church said. “The running back comes through the hole, he lowers his head, lowers his body, and so does the defender trying to get leverage on him. It’s basically throwing a flag every play, you can if you want to. It’s kind of like holds. It’s tough. That’s tough on defenders.”

Outside the trenches, the problem will come from players taking their target point all the way down to the ground.

As Jared Dubin of CBS Sports relayed, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden made some waves at the combine when he said he wanted to throw the game back to 1998.

I’m not going to rely on GPS’s and all the modern technology, Gruden said. I will certainly have some people that are professional that can help me from that regard. But I still think doing things the old-fashioned way is a good way.

Unfortunately, it appears Gruden wasn’t kidding.

Schoenfield: Rookie of the Year. After his spring performance, I suggested that the Angels had to consider starting him in the minors. His first start showed why that won’t be necessary. There’s always the chance he loses complete command of his fastball and has to be sent down, but he’s probably here to stay, and he’s certainly capable of a 3-WAR season just on the mound. Without any other obvious Rookie of the Year favorites in the American League, he could be the winner.

Miller: Rookie of the Year award. Ohtani is certainly one of the Angels’ 10 best players, and that’s probably conservative.

Whether it’s Foles or Wentz leading the team come Week 1, what if the Eagles get off to a bad start Every team in the NFL will be gunning for Philly in 2018.

If a hobbled Wentz is ineffective, fans may begin to call for Foles to start after his heroics in the Super Bowl. If Foles plays less like the Super Bowl MVP version of himself and more like the journeyman he’s been most of his career, there will be calls to put Wentz in—healthy or not.

The Eagles are one of the NFL’s most talented teams. That they kept rolling even after Wentz’s injury speaks to their ability to weather adversity.

A full-blown controversy at the NFL’s most important position might be the one thing that can knock the Iggles Express off the tracks.

Todd Frazier hit a run-scoring double in the sixth and d’Arnaud added a two-out RBI single that chased Ben Lively (0-1), who plunked Yoenis Cespedes with a pitch to begin the rally.

Zach Ertz restructures deal with Eagles

The Eagles created some cap space earlier this week by restructuring right tackle Lane Johnson&s contract and they’ve repeated the process with another veteran member of the team.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that tight end Zach Ertz has also agreed to alter his contract in order to give the team more money to use this offseason. Yates reports that Ertz will convert $7.91 million of his $8 million base salary into a roster bonus.

In fact, it’s actually a little surprising that we haven’t seen more cases of deals that were reported as done on Monday and Tuesday falling through on Wednesday and Thursday. Any verbal agreements made before the start of the league year are unenforceable. As the Colts found out when they tried to hire Josh McDaniels, nothing is done in the NFL until a contract is signed.

So Ngata may still be an Eagle, maybe as soon as today. But it’s not done yet.

Davis, 29, has ed six seasons, five with the Jets. He spent 2016 in Cleveland.

This offseason, Mathieu embraced “self-reflecting” like never before. Be it in a sauna at a Life Time gym down the street or doing yoga here in his basement with an instructor, Mathieu will close his eyes and visualize helicoptering into quarterbacks, tattooing receivers, crossing his arms like a boss, playing with an unapologetic cockiness. After all, a player who’s always been the smallest on every field needs that attitude. Otherwise, he admits, “I’m a pedestrian.”

The apparent interest in a quarterback makes the decision to re-sign Josh McCown at $10 million and to sign Teddy Bridgewater in the range of $5 million even more curious, and it suggests that, eventually, 2016 second-rounder Christian Hackenberg (who has never ed in a regular-season game) will be gone.

It also cuts against the win-now vibe that G.M. Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles otherwise have been exuding. A high pick spent on a er who won’t could have been a high pick spent on a er who will .

According to Barstool Sports (Pardon My Take), the Raiders have traded wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson to the New England Patriots.

Beane: “We wanted to find a spot for him, not to just put him somewhere. We were open and honest with him and his agent. Sometimes these situations can get salty, but here, everybody wanted to do the right thing and not be confrontation. Getting the 65th pick was huge. Patience was the key. I am very happy how it worked out for the Bills and for Tyrod and the financial part was a part of it. When it’s all said and done, we’re going to have about $45 million in dead money this year. That was part of my plan—to eat all of it, or as much as we could, this year.”

Most of these quarterbacks I’ve only spent 15 minutes with. [At the combine, each team can meet with prospects for a maximum of 15 minutes per player.] I haven’t spent enough time to have an opinion about any of them yet, honestly. I actually sent a little note to our [scouts] yesterday. We got six weeks to get our board together. I am not there yet, knowing if we can or will move up again. I want Sean to get to know all of them. We’re just keeping an open mind. Where we’re at, we’ve got the picks, we’ve got the draft capital. I’m not ready to pull the trigger.”

Soon after the news dropped, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur also confirmed the trade sending Patterson out of Oakland.

Patterson is on the second year of his two-year deal, $8.5 million deal, and was set to count $3.25 million against the salary cap this season for the Raiders, per Spotrac. After signing Jordy Nelson in free agency and Seth Roberts getting his roster bonus on Friday as well as his 2018 contract being guaranteed, it did leave the future of the rest of Oakland’s receivers up in the air.

Few teams have made as many considerable changes as the Washington Redskins this offseason, starting with their trade for quarterback Alex Smith, their signing of wide receiver Paul Richardson Jr. and the departure of starting cornerback Bashaud Breeland. It remains to be seen how their in-house talent will mesh with their new parts, but it’s clear one move was a great decision.patriots_102

James Harden injury update: Rockets star to return Thursday vs. Timberwolves

James Harden is back.

The five-time All-Star has been sidelined for a little over two weeks with a hamstring injury, but coach Mike D’Antoni announced Harden will start Thursday night against the Timberwolves.

The Rockets are 4-3 in Harden’s absence, and they will be without Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green against Minnesota after the NBA suspended them two games for entering the Clippers’ locker room after Monday night’s game.

Season Points scoring allows you to assign a given point value to each individual statistical category (i.e. HR=4, RBI=1, etc.) Standings are based on the accumulation of points covering all statistical categories and combined into one total points column. The team with the most overall points wins.

Some leagues use two divisions with the winner of each division granted the top two seeds in the playoffs, and the two or four next-best records earning the other playoff berths.

Hood is averaging 16.7 points and 2.9 rebounds per game, but he has been virtually out of the starting lineup since early November and seen his minutes go down as Mitchell’s have gone up.

The 25-year-old will be very intriguing in trade talks as he has height, length and can shoot. Plenty of teams will come calling to ask about him and apparently mutliple teams have already expressed interest.

They have assisted on 24 of Adebayo’s 89 baskets this season, the bulk of which have come off dribble penetration. Whenever one of them is able to draw Adebayo’s defender away from him, they can lob the ball to the basket confidently knowing he’ll be in position to score.

“It’s building chemistry. Every game building chemistry with my teammates,” Adebayo said. “If they throw it up there and trust we’re gonna go get it. Just having that trust in me, and me trusting them, that they’re gonna throw it to me.”packers_003

Eli Manning accused of fake ‘game-worn’ memorabilia scheme. Here’s what we know

Coincidentally, the emails were revealed the same week that Sports Illustrated did a longform about the recovery of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys. In the article, former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said a collector emailed him claiming to have purchased his game-worn Super Bowl XLII jersey, helmet, pants, and thigh pads from a Giants equipment manager.

Uncharacteristically, Manning was rather heated in telling reporters, “I have never done what I’ve been accused of doing.”

They’re essentially saying that any employee that even may have done so, did it on their own and not under orders from anyone involved with the Giants.

Appealing pass-rush options in 2018 free agency dry up quick, and the draft is rather deep with impact players who can get to the quarterback. This position and running back could be put on the 49ers’ backburner in free agency, as guard and center look like much weaker positions in the 2018 draft.

Middle linebacker Reuben Foster’s latest arrest on charges of domestic violence complicates things, because on the field, he was a vital part of the 49ers’ run defense. They need help in the second level on both the strong and weak sides, too.

Indeed, this caps what has been a long journey for the American women, both on and off the ice. Last spring they boycotted the world championships in a battle for equity. In a year when we are talking about women’s voices being heard, it’s noteworthy that this all happened before Hollywood began its conversation about equal pay. The U.S. women’s team will return home as rock stars. Many will return to the NWHL — the three-year-old pro hockey league with four teams — next season. What we’re sure of: These women will continue to be agents for change, and will continue to inspire future generations.

Going for Alshon Jeffery worked out for the Eagles, and Robinson could have the same punch for the 49ers. Should Jacksonville let Robinson hit the market, expect San Francisco to consider him. The 49ers will find their wideout help either by going big with Robinson or by dipping into a deep draft.

Venerable Joe Staley, 33, continued to be much-needed rock at left tackle in 2017. Trent Brown was solid when healthy at right tackle. The interior, however, was an absolute mess. Daniel Kilgore was overwhelmed at center, and the 49ers desperately tried to plug holes at guard.49ers_114

Is it possible for a 9-2 record to be a disappointment? For a seven-game winning streak to go unnoticed?

When victory has become as commonplace as it is in New England, the answer is yes.

The Patriots have established themselves once again as one of the NFL’s top teams, but the media spotlight, presumably tired of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, has turned to revivals in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New Orleans instead. As a result, New England is quietly gliding toward a ninth straight AFC East title in a way few people outside the Northeast care about.

But, what is the prospect of these prospects, first even making the team shortly, and second, making a significant contribution to the team when they get to Yankee Stadium?Chiefs coach also said Friday that probably will be out as well, meaning the outside linebacker must wait another week to make his 2016 debut.Click here to qualifications J.J.His Wholesale Jerseys cap hit, starting next year, be $5 million.

So let us catch you up.

It looked like Matthew Stafford might lead the Lions to one of his signature late-game comeback wins. But he threw a fourth-down interception on the Lions’ last possession, handing the win to Minnesota.

The other two games weren’t nearly as interesting. Dallas watched any chance of the postseason circle the drain in a 28-6 blowout loss at the hands of the Chargers. Philip Rivers racked up 434 passing yards and three touchdowns, while the entire Cowboys offense combined for 247 yards.

Then Washington beat the Giants in a 20-10 dud in the nation’s capital.

Here are the big moments you missed while you were eating turkey and spending time with your family on Thanksgiving Day.

I asked the the Giants player if he wanted to go on the record.

Jones mentioned Dan Burke, the late Capital Cities executive who once told the Cowboys owner to never worry about the marriage of TV and the NFL.

An anonymous Giants player previously told Anderson the team had quit on its coach:

“McAdoo has lost this team. He’s got us going 80% on Saturdays before we get on a plane to play a game, it’s wild. Changed our off day. He’s dishing out fines like crazy. Suspended two of our stars when we need them the most. Throws us under the bus all the time. He’s ran us into the ground and people wonder why we’ve been getting got.”

He said he wanted to remain anonymous for fear of the impact to his status on the team.

Bengals receiver A.J. Green on his fight with Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey: “As a player, as a man, as a father, it’s a reflection of me. I should have just walked off in that whole situation. It got the best of me today. But I’ll definitely learn from the experience. It’s never going to happen again. I regret my actions.”

Packers CB Damarious Randall on Green Bay’s defense allowing 417 yards in Monday’s 30-17 loss to the Lions: “We just sthe bed. Point blank. Period.”

As the league continues to spin its wheels, the backlash continues not just with fans amid declining television ratings, but with NFL advertisers worried about being associated with a derisive brand. One of them is Papa John’s. Company founder John Schnatter ripped the league in an October earnings call for “not resolving the current debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction.”

Almost from the beginning, the NFL has seemed to fear not that the game put players at risk but rather that fans would one day perceive that the game was putting players at risk for no cause greater than their own entertainment.patriots_031-180x180

I’d rather try to work in DeMar DeRozan or CJ McCollum.

The standard NFL contract in general is not conducive to trading in the salary cap world of football. Most teams follow a standard protocol when it comes to negotiating a contract structure.

In terms of salary cap impact, a trade is essentially the same as releasing a player. If a player is traded at the deadline, all future prorated money will accelerate into the next season. For some teams, that takes certain players off the table if their signing bonuses and other prorated bonuses were large. In general, if a player’s dead money charge in a given year will prevent them from being released the following year, it will also prevent them from being traded during the given season.

“Yeah, five-hour game, but it doesn’t matter. I can play a 10-hour game if we are going to win,” Altuve said.

Now, with both bullpens worn down, the teams get a day to recover. Game 6 will be Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, where Justin Verlander will try to clinch the Astros’ first championship and Rich Hill hopes to save Los Angeles’ season.

“And I thought the whole team fed off the way he was playing. I didn’t even he look at his final stat line because I don’t care what it was. I thought he was really, really impressive tonight.”

This fade has relatively little to do with Thompson himself, although he has rarely met or exceeded value over the past couple of years against the Clippers, who currently represent the league’s worst SG matchup for fantasy. Thompson could still be a fine play tonight, and his floor/ceiling combination is the reason why he’s a popular cash game play. The thing is, I’m likely not going to have a lot of room in my lineups for solid, mid-to-upper range cash game plays. Even if I do, I’d rather try to work in DeMar DeRozan or CJ McCollum.

I don’t get into the political thing

Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst said consistency in execution offensively and defensively is what he wants to see most in final four regular-season games.

“You look at the last game and we had two drops on third down, that hurts your drives,” Chryst said. “Defensively, are we containing what we need to contain. The focus has to be how do you play better football.”

“It’s a challenge with his physical size and you add the scheme to it,” Chryst said. “They do a great job with the slot (receivers). Across the board, they may present the biggest challenge offensively with the style and their ability to run the football. They commit to that. Our guys have to play sound defense.

Hopkins chose not to answer questions about why he left practice on Friday, but said he came back and played on Sunday because he plays football for a living.

“I don’t get into the political thing,” Hopkins said. “So what I did today on the field, that’s what I do for a living.”

According to Shanahan, receiver Pierre Garcon (neck) is going to be questionable this week and he’s also hopeful that cornerback K’Waun Williams (quadriceps), running back Matt Breida (knee), guard Brandon Fusco (biceps) and linebacker Reuben Foster (ankle/ribs) will have a chance to play Sunday against Arizona. Rookie defensive tackle D.J. Jones (knee) is not expected to be available.

Though Shanahan and his players have been quick to remind that injuries are an issue for every team in the league, he did acknowledge that this was a first for him in terms of the sheer volume of injured players.heat_052