Exploring the fatal flaws of the top five quarterbacks

There’s no clear consensus as to the manner in which the top incoming quarterbacks will be drafted. For now, however, there’s a loose consensus as to the members of the list of the top five.

Tuesday’s PFT Live included an effort by co-host Chris Simms to identify the fatal flaws for each of the top prospects.

September 2016: Technically served a four-game suspension in 2016 for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, even though he was not on a roster. Any interested team knows that he is one positive test away from a yearlong suspension.

December 2016: Reaches agreement to have charges dropped of domestic abuse against his former girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, if he met certain conditions. The NFL did not add discipline under its personal conduct policy.

January 2017: Tells ESPN that he is sober after years of heavy alcohol and drug use. At about this time, according to a later interview with ABC News, Manziel is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He begins treatment.

According to Jonathan Jones of SI.com, the Chargers met with Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson after his pro day workout today.

Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was on hand to watch Jackson throw (but not run), and it’s interesting to consider how they could impact the pace of quarterbacks being drafted next month. The Chargers pick 17th overall.

The only other quarterback on the roster behind Philip Rivers is Cardale Jones, though they did bring Geno Smith in for a workout yesterday.

“I mean, it happens in the trenches every single play,” Church said. “The running back comes through the hole, he lowers his head, lowers his body, and so does the defender trying to get leverage on him. It’s basically throwing a flag every play, you can if you want to. It’s kind of like holds. It’s tough. That’s tough on defenders.”

Outside the trenches, the problem will come from players taking their target point all the way down to the ground.

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