As Jared Dubin of CBS Sports relayed, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden made some waves at the combine when he said he wanted to throw the game back to 1998.

I’m not going to rely on GPS’s and all the modern technology, Gruden said. I will certainly have some people that are professional that can help me from that regard. But I still think doing things the old-fashioned way is a good way.

Unfortunately, it appears Gruden wasn’t kidding.

Schoenfield: Rookie of the Year. After his spring performance, I suggested that the Angels had to consider starting him in the minors. His first start showed why that won’t be necessary. There’s always the chance he loses complete command of his fastball and has to be sent down, but he’s probably here to stay, and he’s certainly capable of a 3-WAR season just on the mound. Without any other obvious Rookie of the Year favorites in the American League, he could be the winner.

Miller: Rookie of the Year award. Ohtani is certainly one of the Angels’ 10 best players, and that’s probably conservative.

Whether it’s Foles or Wentz leading the team come Week 1, what if the Eagles get off to a bad start Every team in the NFL will be gunning for Philly in 2018.

If a hobbled Wentz is ineffective, fans may begin to call for Foles to start after his heroics in the Super Bowl. If Foles plays less like the Super Bowl MVP version of himself and more like the journeyman he’s been most of his career, there will be calls to put Wentz in—healthy or not.

The Eagles are one of the NFL’s most talented teams. That they kept rolling even after Wentz’s injury speaks to their ability to weather adversity.

A full-blown controversy at the NFL’s most important position might be the one thing that can knock the Iggles Express off the tracks.

Todd Frazier hit a run-scoring double in the sixth and d’Arnaud added a two-out RBI single that chased Ben Lively (0-1), who plunked Yoenis Cespedes with a pitch to begin the rally.

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