Eli Manning accused of fake ‘game-worn’ memorabilia scheme. Here’s what we know

Coincidentally, the emails were revealed the same week that Sports Illustrated did a longform about the recovery of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys. In the article, former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said a collector emailed him claiming to have purchased his game-worn Super Bowl XLII jersey, helmet, pants, and thigh pads from a Giants equipment manager.

Uncharacteristically, Manning was rather heated in telling reporters, “I have never done what I’ve been accused of doing.”

They’re essentially saying that any employee that even may have done so, did it on their own and not under orders from anyone involved with the Giants.

Appealing pass-rush options in 2018 free agency dry up quick, and the draft is rather deep with impact players who can get to the quarterback. This position and running back could be put on the 49ers’ backburner in free agency, as guard and center look like much weaker positions in the 2018 draft.

Middle linebacker Reuben Foster’s latest arrest on charges of domestic violence complicates things, because on the field, he was a vital part of the 49ers’ run defense. They need help in the second level on both the strong and weak sides, too.

Indeed, this caps what has been a long journey for the American women, both on and off the ice. Last spring they boycotted the world championships in a battle for equity. In a year when we are talking about women’s voices being heard, it’s noteworthy that this all happened before Hollywood began its conversation about equal pay. The U.S. women’s team will return home as rock stars. Many will return to the NWHL — the three-year-old pro hockey league with four teams — next season. What we’re sure of: These women will continue to be agents for change, and will continue to inspire future generations.

Going for Alshon Jeffery worked out for the Eagles, and Robinson could have the same punch for the 49ers. Should Jacksonville let Robinson hit the market, expect San Francisco to consider him. The 49ers will find their wideout help either by going big with Robinson or by dipping into a deep draft.

Venerable Joe Staley, 33, continued to be much-needed rock at left tackle in 2017. Trent Brown was solid when healthy at right tackle. The interior, however, was an absolute mess. Daniel Kilgore was overwhelmed at center, and the 49ers desperately tried to plug holes at guard.49ers_114

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