Anthony Davis is doing the #DriveByDunkChallenge in a driveway near you

On Thursday, the great James Dator introduced us to the brand new viral internet hobby, the #DriveByDunkChallenge, which is exactly what it sounds like: You drive around and dunk on every rim you see, even if it’s in someone’s driveway.

Youth Marcus Thornton Jersey The funny thing is that The Brow probably didn’t need to prepare for this at all. You know he’s driving around in his Ford SUV in full basketball clothes with a ball, a Red Bull, and some Weezy.

The only question is how many takes were done. Given the goofy Red Bull sip — are we to believe A.D. needs his wings to dunk on an 8′ hoop? — and lack of seatbelt, I’m guessing three.

The #DriveByDunkChallenge is the perfect salve for the NBA’s summer downtime. But forget the big men: We need to see Isaiah Thomas, Chris Paul, and the NBA’s little guys out here.

The scrap heap stretch four puts up decent numbers wherever he goes. He’s been a solid rebounder in the past two, though he’s not a reliable defender. You’d be glad to have him in your rotation.
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Two-Pat is an efficient shooter, but has remained at low volumes his entire career. He’s an undersized but active defender, and he’s pretty young at 28 years old. Patterson is a major candidate to go to a franchise where he’ll work himself into excellent shape, boost his per-game numbers, and set himself up for a payday in one year. Consider him the next James Johnson (replacing the passing with shooting).

There’s an understandable instinct to rationalize another Celtics’ failure to turn their bushel of assets into a star. Danny Ainge’s most recent offer for George — unveiled suspiciously soon after George went to OKC, for the record — was a better one than the package Oklahoma City presented. Tom Ziller is right: the Celtics can’t help it if the Pacers did something dumb.

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