This enthusiastic Vikings fan has glorious dance moves

Look, we’re all happy that football’s back in our lives, even if it’s in preseason form. Some folks are happier than others though, like at Friday’s Vikings-Seahawks game, where this group of Vikings and Seahawks fans flaunted their stuff for the camera. There’s an obvious No. 1 dancer among these fans, but first I want to give some honorable mentions.

In the team’s 20-10 win over the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, running back Andre Ellington led the team with four receptions. Brittan Golden caught a 26-yard pass in the game, the only reception for the Cardinals that netted more than 15 yards.

Much of the problem for Arizona has been a rash of injuries for the team’s receivers. Chad Williams, Aaron Dobson, Golden, and John Brown have all missed time and Arizona may sign a new receiver due to a combination of the injuries and lackluster performance from the receivers.

“We’ll look around, see who is available,” Arians said.

If new receivers are added to the mix, it could mean the end of the road for at least one Cardinals receiver.

“They’ve been warned,” Arians said.

With less than four weeks until the regular season opener, the Cardinals receivers have been put on notice. Start impressing Arians soon or it’ll be time to find another job.

Bennett wants other to join in on the protest, he told ESPN on Wednesday. “Because when you bring somebody who doesn’t have to be a part of [the] conversation making himself vulnerable in front of it, I think when that happens, things will really take a jump.”

A few hours before the game, Michael’s brother, Martellus, posted his first political cartoon in honor the NFL players sitting during the anthem. He specifically mentioned his brother as an inspiration for the illustration.


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