NBA Finals 2017: LeBron James ‘stopped caring a long time ago’ about critics

LeBron James has learned a thing or two about concentration after seven consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

When asked how his team would recover from a sluggish start to this year’s championship series, a 113-91 loss to the Warriors in Game 1, the Cavs star emphasized one of his secrets to his success is ignoring critics and keeping his focus on the court.
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Myers added, We’ve got a little bit of a runway here to see if things change and when he feels better, we’ll make that determination, but right now, it’s unfortunately status quo. Meaning, he’s doing what he can, but we’re not able to say, I’m not able to say, and most importantly, he’s not able to say he’s able to coach yet and we’re trying and he’s trying.

Kerr, who is dealing with complications from two back surgeries he had in 2015, has not coached the Warriors since April 19, in their Game 2 win over Portland in the first-round. On May 5, he underwent a procedure to repair a spinal fluid leak, notes.

Pharoh Cooper Limited Jersey Since returning to practice May 13, though, Kerr has been involved in the Warriors’ playoff run 鈥?he traveled with the team to San Antonio during the West finals, he sits in during film sessions and coach meetings, and he has been speaking with the team before games and at halftime.

As for Kerr’s return to the bench, Myers said, At this point there’s not really an update. … I know people are writing and saying certain things and that’s probably because he’s been more visible, he’s around. But there won’t be an announcement that he’s coaching Game 1 or anything like that and as to (when it gets closer) if something changes, we’ve always said that we’ll speak on that.

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