This Mike Williams is a lot closer to another Mike, Evans with Tampa Bay.

Given all the wideout talent Swinney is had in building the Tigers into a College Football Playoff contender and offensive juggernaut, he believes Williams transcends them all — including the Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins and the Bills’ Sammy Watkins.

He is the complete package, the coach said. He is the great combination of everything we’ve had come through here. He is the most complete. He is got just the dog toughness of Jaron Brown and Adam Humphries. He is got the freaky athleticism and ball skills of DeAndre Hopkins. He is got the explosive power of Sammy.

The name and the program make it convenient to associate Williams with other wide receiver prospects past and present. But the team that takes him should quickly appreciate — and benefit from — his unique pedigree.

San Diego also will have its eyes on Watson should he fall, but it will need to consider Trubisky as Philip Rivers’ successor, too. Like Rivers, Trubisky doesn’t come in with the prettiest mechanics and is a tough, gritty competitor. Trubisky can deliver the same zip and accuracy out of the pocket, and he can push the ball downfield outside when needed.

I hate when people try me, Bradley recalled Hernandez later saying as they exited the nightclub.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the double murder charges and a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting Bradley in Florida in February 2013, an apparent attempt to keep him silent about the killings. The 27-year-old Hernandez already is serving a life sentence for the 2013 shooting death of Odin L. Lloyd.

Bradley is serving a prison sentence for an unrelated Connecticut nightclub shooting.25

the Raiders and Chiefs have played each other 25 times in the regular season in December or January

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Since 1973, the Raiders and Chiefs have played each other 25 times in the regular season in December or January. Only in that 1995 game has the division title been the prize.

The rivalry lived on not only by some notable games between the teams, but through the stories of Bell and others involved. The Chiefs and Raiders over the years have asked former players to speak to the current team before games, and that helps keep the history alive.

“We always have old players come in and talk to us and tell us how violent the games used to be and how physical they used to be,” Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said. “That’s really the main thing that sticks out — how violent and physical the games were. They would always talk about that.”

The last time Philip Rivers played in North Carolina was in 2003 — during his final year at NC State.

“It’s just something I’ll never forget. Here he is still talking to his dad about the game, what happened and what he could have done better.’’

He relished talking about anything but a season that has gone awry at 4-8.

San Diego coach Mike McCoy also seemed to relish taking a trip down memory lane of his time at Carolina instead of a 5-7 season marred by about as many close losses as the Panthers have experienced.

Sunday’s game will be a lot about memories for the head coaches.

Rivera was the linebackers coach at San Diego in 2007 and defensive coordinator from 2008 until 2010. He saw firsthand how badly Rivers wants to win, remembering the disappointment after losing the AFC Championship Game following the 2007 season.