you look at Kevin Garnett Jersey when you look at trying to put players together.

Elite Branden Oliver Jersey Inside the arena, Womens Zach Miller Jersey the Golden Knights forewent advertising on the boards to instead encircle the rink in the Vegas Strong hashtag and logo. The in-game video feeds offered a steady stream of camera shots featuring Vegas Strong t-shirts, fans holding up the white #VegasStrong rally towels placed on every seat and supportive social media posts with a common theme.
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He’s the best player alive right now, Astros shortstop Carlos Correa said of Altuve, his double-play partner. And when he steps in the batter’s box, great things are going to happen.

I think it’s exciting. To be able to come to work with someone like Giannis, who works extremely hard. Just understanding his ability and trying to get him where he wants to go, that makes work a lot of fun and challenging.

Is he comparable to anybody?

I don’t know. You look at Magic, and you look at Kevin Garnett when you look at trying to put players together. Maybe Giannis is sort of like that. He might be his own person, too, so …

Are there times when you watch tape after a game and even you have to shake your head at what he’s able to do?

Sometimes, because he’s respected by people on both sides of a particular issue, he said he gets asked to mediate gang disputes. But ever since he got back from prison this last time, he senses that while the younger gangsters still respect him, they don’t look to him for advice. The kind of hold he’s had on the streets is a fragile thing, one he fights to maintain and extend with each song. It’s one thing for a national artist to put out music and see the reactions on the internet. Cal Wayne gets feedback face-to-face. He feels like the younger fellas don’t want to hear him tell them to stand down.

I understand that mentality because I was young once, Cal said. But I tell em: ‘I survived this long for a reason.’