March Madness 2017: Live updates as teams qualify for NCAA Tournament bids

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee has about half of the bracket picked, as the 32 teams that win their conference tournament receive automatic bids for their efforts. Though they can breathe easily knowing they’ll be on the bracket somewhere, they still await Selection Sunday to find out what their path to the championship looks like as they’re seeded and placed in one of the four regions.

While winning the conference looks pretty on paper and serves as the ultimate last-minute resume boost, it means little in terms of tournament success. Four of the past five NCAA tournament winners didn’t win their conference tournament.

The Redbirds’ failure to defeat Wichita State in the Arch Madness final likely cost them a place, particularly since the game was the Shockers’ second consecutive blowout win in the series. Illinois State’s home win over Wichita State is its lone triumph over a Top-50 foe in three tries. The Redbirds’ 2-4 record against the Top 100 won’t help either, not when quality wins seem to be the Selection Committee’s most important criteria. If Dan Muller’s team sneaks in, it will be due to a 12-6 record away from Normal.

There’s a common saying throughout this season that this is a “wide-open year” in college basketball. That’s probably not entirely true, as there seem to be about 12-15 teams that have distanced themselves from the rest of the country as the season has turned the stretch and headed for home. The difference between those 12-15 contenders, however, is as thin as it’s been in any season of recent memory.

When the bracket is released in full, the predictions will start flowing in and they won’t stop until the first major wave of games tip off on Thursday afternoon. But what about some predictions regarding the thing that will lead to the massive onslaught of even more predictions? Would you enjoy that?

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Here’s the full list of results from this year’s crop of running backs at the 2017 NFL Combine

In an Akron Beacon-Journal article titled “With Andrew Bogut on way after clearing waivers, are Cavs better than championship team?”, Marla Ridenour detailed the list of talent Cleveland have acquired since the start of the season.

“…the real question for the Cavaliers is whether the depth added since Jan. 7 will make them a better team than the 2016 NBA champions,” Ridenour wrote.

“The roster restocking started with the trade with the Atlanta Hawks for one of the league’s premier 3-point specialists, Kyle Korver. Since then, the Cavs have also brought in Derrick Williams, the second overall pick in 2011 who is with his fifth team in six years, and former Dallas Maverick backup point guard Deron Williams, who played with LeBron James on two Olympic teams.

“Now on the way … is rim protector Bogut. The ex-Golden State Warrior faced the Cavs in the NBA Finals the previous two seasons and won the title in 2015.”

But Micah Adams, writing for, warned that Bogut was not a risk-free acquisition for the Cavs.

“As much value as Bogut adds defensively, his offensive game has been a struggle,” Adams wrote.

“He’s currently the only player in the NBA who has played at least 500 minutes and has more turnovers than made field goals. And he has done it while shooting just 47 percent, not good for any big, let alone one that has taken all but four of his shots inside the paint.”

Full results for each position group at the Combine can be found here.

Here’s the full list of results from this year’s crop of running backs at the 2017 NFL Combine. Key events like the 40-yard dash and agility drills take place Friday. We’ll have all the times and other important stats as they roll in.

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Phillip Fulmer won¡¯t be Tennessee¡¯s next athletic director. Kansas State¡¯s AD will.

Tennessee is hiring Kansas State athletic director John Currie to the same job, according to multiple reports on Tuesday.
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That Currie will be Tennessee¡¯s AD means former Volunteers football coach Phillip Fulmer will not. Fulmer was a reportedly a favorite of a group of top boosters, who wanted to bring back one of the football program¡¯s winningest coaches to lead the entire athletic department. This news will disappoint the people in Fulmer¡¯s corner, though Currie¡¯s got his own Tennessee history.

The stadium on Buzzard Point is the fourth seriously proposed site for a soccer-specific stadium in the D.C. area over the last decade, but the first to make it over all the necessary hurdles. D.C. United will open their new home sometime in 2018.

United’s ability to make money has been seriously hamstrung by their current home, RFK Stadium, and their lease there. The Black and Red were the most successful team in the first decade of MLS, but have fallen behind as the rest of the league has moved into more suitable stadiums, built training facilities, and attracted top talent.

Supporters are hoping that a new stadium ushers in a new era of success for United. We recommend checking out Black and Red United’s story on the groundbreaking and what it means for the team.

We know Chris Petersen can coach, so let¡¯s sit back and watch him cook with brand new ingredients.
Womens Byron Maxwell Jersey Washington¡¯s offense returns QB Jake Browning and seven players, but loses stud receiver John Ross. On defense, the big key will be how they get pressure on the passer, which was a strength of the unit.

the Pittsburgh Steelers running back who was arrested in late August.

In addition to feeding the electric Andre Ellington the majority of their carries (something they did not do last season to the chagrin of pretty much everyone), they’re spreading out targets to Michael Floyd (11 catches for 252 yards), Larry Fitzgerald (10 catches for 107 yards), and explosive rookie John Brown (nine catches for 109 yards and three touchdowns).

Even with a backup quarterback in Drew Stanton filling in for Carson Palmer, they don’t seem to have altered (greatly) their willingness to chuck the ball deep.

Against San F1rancisco in particular, this was apparent.

Below: protection does its job, including a nice blitz pickup by running back Stepfan Taylor (No. 30), and Stanton goes confidently in the direction of his dreams.

The most notable name on that list is Bell, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back who was arrested in late August. Bell was also charged with marijuana possession during that arrest, which could still result in a one-game suspension regardless of the DUI case.

Josh Gordon pled guilty to DUI charges last week in an attempt to avoid additional punishment, though Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports Gordon could still be suspended for that arrest based on his history of substance-abuse violations.

“Jay has a good feel for who can make plays for him,” Shanahan said. “He has a good feel for the talent around him and even the talent around the league. He is going to get the ball to the places it should go with both of those things in mind. He has vision and anticipation. A lot of guys with strong arms don’t have those two things. They just wait for people to get open and try to win with their strong arm. Jay’s vision and anticipation set him apart.”

Cutler did not let his Type 1 diabetes, discovered in 2008, deter him. His quest for a Super Bowl for the Bears — he is signed through 2020 — is passionate. His get-away-from-me attitude with the public is real. His lean-on-me attitude with his teammates is real.

Vikings GM: Everybody hopes Bridgewater plays again

The Minnesota Vikings still don’t have a timeline for Teddy Bridgewater’s potential return.

On Thursday, general manager Rick Spielman declined to say with 100 percent certainty the quarterback will ever play again.

“Everybody’s hoping,” Spielman said, per USA Today’s Tom Pelissero.
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The GM added that Bridgewater is still not doing any football activities. The 24-year-old suffered a gruesome knee injury in which he dislocated his knee and tore his ACL in practice in September.

Kirk Cousins to the 49ers: A surefire candidate to be franchise-tagged for the second straight year — at the price of $23.94 million — Cousins is already the subject of next-offseason whispers, with the 49ers and even the Rams being bandied about as landing spots for 2018.

Limited Kids Rougned Odor Jersey If the Redskins were head-over-heels for Cousins, they wouldn’t be in this position. Neither would Cousins, who reportedly “doesn’t want to be” with the team anymore after endless haggling over his contract. NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah believes there’s a “greater than 50 percent chance” that the 28-year-old quarterback won’t be on Washington’s roster next season, saying he “would not be shocked at all if we saw a Kirk Cousins-to-San Francisco trade go down.”

Jimmy Garoppolo to the Browns: New Orleans and Chicago have been named as candidates for Garoppolo at least partly because Saints coach Sean Payton and Bears general manager Ryan Pace, like Jimmy G, went to Eastern Illinois. It’s fair to connect those dots, but Bill Belichick doesn’t give a hoot about reuniting a pack of Billy the Panther supporters. The Patriots want value for Tom Brady’s backup, with CSN New England’s Tom Curran noting that the team must have its “doors blown off” before dealing Garoppolo.