The season hasn’t opened.

At stake in the rehearsals is nothing less than the future of the Democratic Party, which has yet to congeal around a positive vision. Party leaders privately talk about the next two years as a potential pivot point for what it means to be a Democrat, like the tumultuous 1968 Democratic convention or the business-friendly realignment that followed President Bill Clinton’s nomination in 1992.

My theory of this election is you are going to basically have a swing back, said Julián Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio and secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who has been traveling the country talking aboutexpanding opportunity.People are going to look for someone who can unite the country instead of divide it, someone they can trust.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who will speak Sunday at a graduation in the first primary state of New Hampshire, has ­focused on another theme, the wisdom that can be brought to Washington from those working outside the dysfunctional city.

Manning will do for Lauletta what he did for Davis Webb and all the quarterbacks the Giants have added to their roster over the years. He’ll act as a mentor, both on and off the field, with the full knowledge that he might be grooming the player who will take his job someday.

He’s been a champion, he’s been a really successful player and I’m looking forward to learning from him, Lauletta said.

But coming in behind Manning works in his favor in another way, one that the Giants are unlikely to admit. The 37-year-old quarterback’s play, with with exceptions, has been somewhere between mediocre and lousy over the last few years. The addition of Saquon Barkley to the backfield, the return of Odell Beckham Jr. from an injury and the rebuilt offensive line should certainly help.

I was hoping to at least get a job — a chance to coach third base or first base, work with the infielders, Pedrique said. But like I was saying, you’ve got to stay positive. It happened for a reason. I’m happy where I am right now. But I always pay attention to what those kids are doing because, for me, they’re all like my kids. I had them since 2013 and now to see all those guys playing together up in the big leagues, it’s a great feeling.

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