Is it possible for a 9-2 record to be a disappointment? For a seven-game winning streak to go unnoticed?

When victory has become as commonplace as it is in New England, the answer is yes.

The Patriots have established themselves once again as one of the NFL’s top teams, but the media spotlight, presumably tired of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, has turned to revivals in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New Orleans instead. As a result, New England is quietly gliding toward a ninth straight AFC East title in a way few people outside the Northeast care about.

But, what is the prospect of these prospects, first even making the team shortly, and second, making a significant contribution to the team when they get to Yankee Stadium?Chiefs coach also said Friday that probably will be out as well, meaning the outside linebacker must wait another week to make his 2016 debut.Click here to qualifications J.J.His Wholesale Jerseys cap hit, starting next year, be $5 million.

So let us catch you up.

It looked like Matthew Stafford might lead the Lions to one of his signature late-game comeback wins. But he threw a fourth-down interception on the Lions’ last possession, handing the win to Minnesota.

The other two games weren’t nearly as interesting. Dallas watched any chance of the postseason circle the drain in a 28-6 blowout loss at the hands of the Chargers. Philip Rivers racked up 434 passing yards and three touchdowns, while the entire Cowboys offense combined for 247 yards.

Then Washington beat the Giants in a 20-10 dud in the nation’s capital.

Here are the big moments you missed while you were eating turkey and spending time with your family on Thanksgiving Day.

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