That’s what makes the Patriots different than most teams.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione credited Mayfield for working on bettering his perception while also proving how a person can make what once seemed improbable possible.

“Regardless of what anyone chooses to do in their life, this is an inspirational story,” Castiglione said. “I really do believe it’s a simple yet powerful, inspiring story for an aspiring athlete, musician, dancer, anyone in life to think about what opportunities they have, the naysayers they may face, the constant pervasive rhetoric around what you can’t do, and yet you can find a way to bring strength to what you can.”

All participants also readily admit that the depth of the awards scene data exchange is limited. Film study is still the key. However, any little hint helps — no matter how obvious the tip might be.

They are willing to make the hard decisions, reversals of their once best-laid plans for the ultimate in-season adjustments. They don’t assume one situation will play out one way, and they know when to move to a better one before it’s too late.

The Patriots this season got things corrected on defense with personnel and scheme. Likewise, they discovered how to run the ball more effectively with the right guys to ease pressure on Brady and keep that defense off the field.

Absolutely nobody has been able to stop Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram lately, including the Panthers’ defense last week, so unless the Falcons defense can play over their heads, they’re in trouble.

None of us are totally immune to that. I think you have to shrug that off because it is only weighing down on you and inhibits you as you go forward. You have to move forward and focus on the next challenge, the next opponent. What are the things you need to do to go out there and play? And then usually those are all your details.”

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