Switzer was ready to run the Boston Marathon, coach Briggs was ready to support her

The pair practiced together and when Switzer sailed past the finish line of a 26-mile run with ease and decided to tack on an extra five miles for good measure, she proved to her coach she was ready.

Switzer was ready to run the Boston Marathon, coach Briggs was ready to support her — but the world wasn’t. Kathrine knew she needed to register for the race officially, but didn’t dare use her full name for fear of the attention. Instead she registered as “K.V. Switzer,” and traveled with Arnie to Boston.

Chuck Bednarik Womens Jersey When the race began, Kathrine felt welcome. Several fellow runners said it was great to see a woman running along with them, but this experience was quickly sobered into the race. Switzer was chased by a race official who tried to stop her competing.

“A big man, a huge man, with bared teeth was set to pounce, and before I could react he grabbed my shoulder and flung me back, screaming, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” Then he swiped down my front, trying to rip off my bib number, just as I leapt backward from him.”

In a world where players like Didi Gregorius and Freddy Galvis are hitting 20 home runs in a season, maybe every hitter is a power breakout candidate?

To help narrow the focus on who might take his slugging up a notch this season, I’ve refined our hang-time-consistency research that identifies power breakout candidates by borrowing from the cutting-edge work the MLB Advanced Media research team has performed using their exciting new data source, Statcast. Their team has created a new statistic called “Barrels” that identifies batted balls as barreled if they are hit with a combination of launch angle and exit velocity that results on average in at least a .500 batting average and at least a 1.500 slugging percentage.
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